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Chennai, Tamil Nadu
  • 11 Jul, 2016

Backed by our Experienced Technical teams and innovative approach we are able to offer Senior abacus Books at centers , Junior Abacus Kit at learning centers , Senior or Junior Mental Arithmetic Books, zhuzuan methology, suanban/Sorobon Methology, training Materials, teacher resource stores, teacher tools,teacher supplies,training courses,user manual,instruction manual,manual instructor and lesson plans.

We understand the needs of the Abacus Teachers. Abacus Teachers require a one stop solution for all of their Abacus Study Material Supplies. Whether it is the Abacus, Abacus Books, Student Abacus Bags, Level Completion Certificates or Examination Papers. We serve them all.

We supply on regular basis so that you run your business for long-term FREE from ROYALTIES and other restrictions.

We manufacture premium quality tools and publish books under excellent education standards.

We also offer special feature of supplying these materials with your training centre LOGO and Address printed on the respective material to bring that personalized touch.

Each set of 2 Abacus Books per level/semester is spread over approximately 100 pages in each level has been divided in to Abacus Classroom activity of approximately 50 pages and approximately 50 pages of Abacus Practice which is further spread in 13 parts of 6 practice days in each part for children to home practice for everyday after Abacus Classroom Activity allowing the training for children on each level in 13 weeks in Abacus Classes conducted. This helps children to practice abacus daily for better results. This also helps Abacus Teachers to focus only on Abacus Classes rather than getting busy in writing extra practice material, every time.


Center Based Abacus Books Models
(5-13 Years) Total No.of Levels Books/Level Total Books Each Book Cost Complete Set
Model 1
Zhuzuan Methodlogy 8 2 16 Rs.30 Rs.480
Model 2
Zhuzuan Methodlogy 8 3 24 Rs.60 Rs.1440
Model 3
Soroban Methodlogy 8 2 16 Rs.30 Rs.480
Model 4
Zhuzuan Methodlogy 4 2 4 Rs.60 Rs.240

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